Welcome to TrollHQ

The internet is not just a fad - it is entering our lives in ever increasing ways. As you might be aware one of the most exciting parts of the internet is the ability to say things to people you wouldn't normally say to their face. An increasing number of people like yourself are realising this and getting on line to try and get in on the trolling action.

Wait a minute! You want to be the one doing the trolling right? Well, if you go wading straight in without knowing how to be properly abusive then you could find that it is you that is getting trolled. You don't want that.

Don't worry though, here is our guide to getting confident with online trolling. Whether you are just looking to be rude to strangers, behave in a superior or smug manner, interfere with an election or simply damage a person's confidence, then our guide is for you.

Read these examples and soon you will be able to troll like a PRO!

To get you familiar with Trolling we have compiled some example comments that people might make on a variety of issues. Next to it we have listed a potential troll rebuke designed to iritate, upset and annoy."